About Us

OnePaper, Inc. is a data management and publishing company combining the best of both print and online community publishing. Through its expanding network of community Affiliate Publishers, OnePaper is developing the nation’s local community marketplace.


Print Publications

OnePaper print editions are regionally zoned marketplace publications rich in content with interesting features on local businesses, events and people in the communities we serve. Distributed weekly through an extensive network of conveniently located OnePaper vending boxes and racks, OnePaper print editions offer advertisers unmatched targeted audiences and total market coverage at cost effective rates.

OnePaper.com Posting Site

OnePaper.com is an easy to use, interactive posting site promoting interaction within the communities OnePaper serves. Users can post anything and everything for free from events to services, items for sale, recipes and more at OnePaper.com. Each week postings from the site are featured in local OnePaper print editions.

Online Solutions

With millions of page views, OnePaper.com provides the platform for publishers, businesses, organizations and individuals to publish and share news, information, including images, audio, video and more online in real time.

Content Providers

Through its print editions, OnePaper offers Content Providers the opportunity to publish their specialized content within OnePaper. With state-of-the-art production services, extensive distribution and brand recognition, the OnePaper platform provides unsurpassed opportunities and benefits.


Evan Edwards, President

Mr. Edwards has more than 20 years of experience in developing and administering internet-based systems. He has worked with databases and networks for the public and private sector, including the Palm Beach County Justice Information Systems and Florida Internet, one of the nations first Internet Service Providers. Mr. Edwards managed the information systems for Singer Asset Finance, successfully transitioning their systems from a paper based office to an Oracle database driven network spanning multiple states. As software developer for Jacobson and Associates, he built an automated multimedia system for processing insurance claims.

Penny Feuerzeig, VP, Content

Ms. Feuerzeig's career covers more than thirty years of experience in newspapers and publishing including, Montgomery County (MD) Sentinel, Time Magazine, The Washington Post, The Washington Daily News, and as a top editor for Gannett at The Virgin Islands Daily News. Under her stewardship, the Pulitzer Prize for Public Service was awarded to the Virgin Island Daily News along with more than 50 other national journalism awards.

Intellectual Property And Domain Name

OnePaper, Inc. protects intellectual property through a combination of license agreements, registered trademark, service mark, copyright and trade secret laws and other methods. We obtain the majority of our content under license and co-publishing agreements with publishers, through assignments or work for hire arrangements with third parties, and from internal staff development. OnePaper application software was developed under the trade name of InfoRule, Inc. InfoRule, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of OnePaper, Inc. Generally, the license agreements are for a period of one to three years and we consider the materials obtained through these agreements as important to the continued enhancement of the content on our Web site. We enter into confidentiality agreements with our employees, consultants, vendors and customers, and into license agreements with third parties, and we generally seek to control access to and distribution of our technology, documentation and other proprietary information. We currently hold the domain names onepaper.com, net and org, as well as 1paper.com, onepaperusa.com and inforule.com. The legal status of intellectual property on the Internet is currently subject to various uncertainties. The current system for registering, allocating and managing domain names has been the subject of litigation and proposed regulatory reform. Additionally, legislative proposals have been made by the federal government that would afford broader protection to owners of databases of information, such as stock quotes. This protection of databases already exists in the European Union.

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